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Perfect Survival Meal Planning

camping with beef jerky

Foods that do not require any preparation, are lightweight, and are shelf stable make ideal foods for a survival pack, or to have on hand for emergencies at home, at the office, or even when stranded in your vehicle. The best part is that you can store our beef jerky in mason jars, or other means used for Long Term Storage. By no means do you need extensive cooking or food preparation skills.

You have enough to worry about when you find yourself in a survival situation, so make sure you have the bases covered when it comes to survival foods. READ More – Storage Requirements

We will describe how this article is more about the concept of having foods in your packs that are shelf stable, lightweight, and are not expensive in comparison to foods you would buy at your local retailer. Our Foods can be made and packaged by you at home that can be eaten essentially on the run without any preparations.


Our USDA ANGUS BEEF is ideal for jerky, but essentially any meat other than pork can be used, but why use the more expensive cuts.

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We created a grass fed organic beef jerky business because we believe in the concepts represented by it, namely, a family owned sustainable agricultural business that uses no chemicals, no hormones,  no antibiotics  – resulting in a healthy and nutritious product produced in harmony with the land and with less impact on the environment

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