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Honey Hickory Jerky


Marinated 8-16 Hours and Smoked up 16 -20 Hours Using A Cold Smoker Method (Low Temperature 165 Degree) and Monitored with digital charting. Beef Top and Bottom Round Blended Jerky is very juicy, tasty treat , Perfectly Cooked Angus Top Round blended, Hand Cut and Hand Crafted. If You like “Soft Chewy Style Jerky” You’ll Love this one.  We use a blend of high-quality herbs and spices, plus our recipe of honey and Natural Wood Hickory flavoring. Honey Hickory Jerky is an epic balance of smoky and sweet. Has a smoky aroma mixed with a Hickory Smoke flavor. Each Strip is Marinated Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Water, Salt Molasses, Vinegar, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Garlic Powder, Vanilla Extract, , Black Pepper, Paprika, Onion Powder, Chili Powder, Cloves , (Contains Soy)

(Note: If you are allergic to any of the posted ingredients do not purchase)

Hickory Nutrition Facts

Our Beef Jerky provides premium, gourmet jerky to the U.S. We hand select and taste test all of our products to provide the best quality jerky there is. We understand that we have a premium price tag, but as soon as you try any of our recipes, we know you will keep coming back for more.

Each Package Of Our Famous Jerky is freshly made and provided to you Vacuum Sealed as Ready to Eat quickly (within 3-5 days). We do not guarantee more than 5 days of sale or delivery.

Note: Take Precaution and Use A Vacuum Seal or Mason Jar and Store your products properly if your planning short or long term storage.

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We created a grass fed organic beef jerky business because we believe in the concepts represented by it, namely, a family owned sustainable agricultural business that uses no chemicals, no hormones,  no antibiotics  – resulting in a healthy and nutritious product produced in harmony with the land and with less impact on the environment

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